Who are we

Miu Jewellery Ltd. was established in 2007. We specializes in the manufacturing of 925 silver with rhodium-plated jewellery.  We also have different coloured quartz matched with cubic zirconia, and included a line of semi-precious gems in various colours.


Recently, we’ve developed a new line of silver jewellery set with coloured Chinese fresh water pearls.

MIU’s spirit

Most of our jewelleries are presented in sets. Each set includes a pendant, a ring and a pair of earrings. Our exquisite and elegant designs are well acclaimed on its simplicity with fine craftsmanship. It is most suitable for the office ladies. Our elegant design utilizes crystalline precious stones with various cuttings. It discloses and diffuses the innermost charm of the ladies. Furthermore, matching with our elegant design, our fresh water pearls silver jewellery employs the roundness and good luster pearls that unveil the temperaments of the ladies that come from different cultures.

Based on our Company’s spirit towards high performance, we strive to widen our vision and creativity. We constantly improve our design and production skills so as to expand and serve the market need. We assure to provide excellent quality products to our customers.

Our markets are worldwide. Todate, our main customers are located in North and South America, Europe as well as South East Asia.

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